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Close your eyes and just imagine:

A huge, red/orange sun is setting right behind you in Zambia, you see and hear elephants and hippos playing all around you and a big red-finned Tiger Fish is leaping, giving you a fight royale on your fly rod. Your private bath is waiting for you back at the lodge with a cool drink, overlooking the majestic, mighty Zambezi ……

Thousands of insects, Parrots and other birds create a riotous morning chorus, deep in the jungles of the Amazon, as you quietly make your way into a black water lagoon on a tributary of the Rio Negro. You’re casting to laydowns and other structure with big surface prop baits when suddenly a Giant Three-Barred Peacock Bass smashes into your lure like a bomb going off and the fight is on. It’s now you against the most powerful freshwater fish in the world …….

You’re one-to-one with a massive Sturgeon from the Fraser River in Canada. The huge fish leaps clear out of the water and tears yet another 50 yards of line off your reel. You eventually tow it to the beach and take photos of this enormous prehistoric leviathan and then return it to the river. You’re exhausted, your muscles are burning and your legs are trembling, but you can’t wait to come back again tomorrow to fight yet again with more big fish …….

It’s 6.30am in the jungles of Costa Rica on day two of your six day tour on the hunt for Giant Tarpon. Huge fish are chasing bait all over and you know with your next cast from your own private boat, you’ll have a really good chance at hooking into one of these massive Silver Missiles. He takes, you strike, but will you land this thrashing, acrobatic beast or will he throw your hook like the last four fish you had on? Time to test your mettle against this incredible world-renowned sport fish ……

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