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Hosted Fishing Vacations

At, we are dedicated to providing world-class extreme and adventure fishing for solo anglers, couples, honeymooners, families or groups of anglers and photographers from all over the globe.

We have access to many of the best fishing destinations in the world. You can fish in stunning scenery, in many places often surrounded by wildlife, and often where few if any people have ever cast a rod and line.

On offer are some of the best fishing locations in the world to suit every angler. Whether you are casting lures, flies or bait, we have the perfect location for you, where you can catch our many target species on offer.

Delivering Your Dream Trip

With over 20 years’ experience of taking anglers fishing around the globe, we only work with destinations, guides and consultants that are worthy of our highest praise.

We excel in creating tailor-made vacations to top fishing destinations where you can stay in far-flung jungle safari-style mobile camps and floating cabins, fixed luxurious lodges and houseboats. From Africa, Papua New Guinea, Asia, the States, Canada, to Central and South America.

If it’s casting big lures for Giant Peacock Bass in Colombia or Brazil, or trolling and casting for Sailfish in the deep blue seas of Panama, we can make our anglers’ fishing dreams come true by providing their trip of a lifetime.

The Amazon

The Americas



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