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With’s unbridled knowledge gained from 20 years of fishing and working in the Amazon, and with great local recourses behind us, we’ll be hosting small groups of anglers deep into unspoilt rainforest, on the Essequibo River and one of its main tributaries, the Siparuni River, exploring even more Amazonian waters in beautiful Guyana.


Apart from local subsistence fishing, these wild river systems have areas that have rarely seen a rod or line. These beautiful rivers run through virgin rainforest, cascading over huge rocks and boulders, creating deep pools and runs for Giant Cats and many other predatory species of fish to be caught on baits, lures and flies.

‘Jaguar Explorer Camp’ Trip

Our mobile ‘Jaguar Explorer’ camp will be set up under tree canopies to keep cool with a view over the spectacular surrounding scenery. The camp will be totally self-sufficient in every way. We will move every few days to fresh, unfished and/or rested waters.


We have individual tents with blow-up mattresses for each angler, handling a maximum of only 8 anglers at any one time.  A separate area will be screened off for bathroom facilities and our anglers can either bathe in the river or in our jungle shower.


With a generator and freezers, our ‘safari’ kitchen will supply simple but wholesome meals with breakfasts of eggs and homemade breads, packed lunches taken on board, and dinners with meats and fish served with ice cold beer and beverages. Laundry will be done daily.

The Camp

Day 1:  Arrive in Cheddi Jagan International airport in Georgetown, transfer and overnight at hotel/guesthouse.


Day 2:  Depart Ogle airport early afternoon via charter to local airstrip.  Onwards by boat to Camp 1.


Day 3 - 11:  Nine (9) days guided fishing, overnight at camp in tented accommodations.


Day 12: Depart camp early morning by boat back to airstrip and onwards flight to Ogle airport and overnight at hotel/guesthouse.


Day 12:  Transfer to international airport for flight home.

Travel Plan

What Does It Cost?

COSTS pp for six full fishing days and 9 nights: USD$3,250


COSTS pp for nine full fishing days and 12 nights: USD$3,950


Single supplements can be quoted for



12 nights with two nights at hotel/guesthouse on 1st day of arrival and night of return from jungle, return flights GT/jungle airstrip/GT, 10 nights at camp with nine full days guided fishing, daily laundry, local transfers, all meals, water, soft drinks and ice cold beer.


* Reduce above agenda by 3 days if taking 6 day fishing trip.


Not included: 

International airfares, tipping (suggested USD $150 - $200 per person to be divided between guides and camp staff), meals and drinks other than in camp, costs associated with medical advice and medications for your trip, lures, fishing tackle etc.  



* Prices are stated as a guide and may be subject to currency and seasonal variations. Please inquire for exact prices for the dates you are interested in.


** International flights to Georgetown, Guyana are not included, but we can help you arrange them..


Terms and conditions of payments: 50% as deposit on reservation, 50% due 90 days before arrival in GT.

Through our travel agent partners we are able to secure excellent rates for all your international and domestic flights and travel insurance that are not included in our packages.

Please ask for Details

There is such a diversity of predatory species to be caught in these rivers. With lures, flies, jigs, spoons, cut baits and other baits, dozens of different fish will keep the avid angler busy the whole trip. Our top species count to date is 26!!


There are hard-fighting ‘Yellow’ Peacock Bass, tough prehistoric-looking Hymara or Wolf Fish, slash-and-grab Payara/Vampire Fish and the Pike-like Bicuda, Monkey Fish/Arowana, Giant Black Piranhas and Coby/Pescada.


MONSTER Cats dwell here in the depths and all can be caught on cutbait, livebait or whole dead fish.  Surubim or Shovel-nosed Tiger Cats, Leopard or Jundia Cats, Redtails, Jau and the King of all our Cats, the Giant Freshwater Shark/Lau-lau /Piraiba.


And we have the Holy Grail of all Amazonian fish, the Giant Arapaima that can be caught on big flies, lures, live and dead bait.


There are so many other species for the avid angler to catch who is willing to go that extra mile. Anglers can catch nut, fruit and berry-eating fish like big Red and Silver Pacu, Couti, Aracu and many more scaled species all day long. All these smaller scaled species make for great fresh Catfish bait too!


The weird and wonderful are also still to be discovered by many foreign fishermen and we have them all. Plenty of European anglers enjoy what is classified as ‘coarse fishing’, and an angler could easily ‘bag-up’ with sweetcorn, nuts, fruits, potato, fish strips or freshwater snails.


* Any fishing can be affected in many different ways, by storms and water levels, droughts and water temperatures, moon phases etc. Whilst we guarantee catching fish, we cannot guarantee 100% great fishing.



ask Us

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Tour Summary

Virgin watersheds

Essequibo River and Siparuni River

Guyana (ex-British Guyana)

September - April

Mobile Tented Accommodation

Arapaima, ‘Yellow’ Peacock Bass, Bicuda, Hymara / Wolf Fish ~ Payara ~ big Black Piranha, Pescada / Cobi ~ Couti ~ huge Red Pacu and Silver Pacu ~ MONSTER Lau/Freshwater Shark / Piraiba Cats ~ Redtail Cats ~ Tiger / Shovel nosed Cats ~ Jandia Cats & many other incidental species

Adventure fishing deep into the jungle on unfished waters

from $3,250 to $3,950 *

6 or 9 days fishing

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Jaguar Explorer Camp Trips - Guyana





Trip Type


Approx Cost


No of Days

Fishing Holiday in Guyana

The Fishing

We fish from September to April inclusive. Days are typically warm with temperature over 70º F at night and 80-90º F during the day, but it feels cooler most of the time due to plenty of breeze during the day.


Please remember, this is fishing in the Tropics and we advise clients to bring a lightweight rain jacket/suit as it can get chilly when temperatures drop during a storm.


As we are fishing in clean, low pH water, there are generally few or no mosquitos or biting insects, although no-see-ums can be a nuisance on overcast days. A high DEET-content insect repellent is advisable.

The Seasons

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